Agon X series monitors launched by AOC

AOC, the display manufacturing giant has launched a wide range of monitors as part of the new AGON X series for the professional gamers. These new monitors aim to provide an enhanced gaming experience with FreeSync and Flicker-free Technology.


There are two variants of the Agon X series – 24 inch and 27 inch monitors, both offering a QUAD HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a response time 1 ms. The AGON X Series with AOC Flicker-Free Technology and Blue light mode reduces eyestrain, meant for long term gaming sessions. It supports Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate tearing, stuttering and input lag. There is also a Shadow Control allowing adjustments of contrast in bright or dark game areas. The QuickSwitch controller feature (a separate box unit) allows users to change monitor options and settings much easier than the limited controls built into the monitor itself.

AOC India head Mr. Saurabh Grover said, “Comprehensive features of the new monitors with competitive pricing will be a professional gamer’s delight. We expect the AGON X series to become the prime mover in this category”. He further mentioned that “The Indian gaming industry is undergoing an exciting phase – with the customers preferring features and value for money over high-decibel-branded products. Being a company which truly believes in enchanting the consumers with high-quality reliable yet affordable products; we at AOC are proud to expand our offerings to the gaming-device segments”.

The AGON X series monitors are available at an introductory price starting from INR 29,000/-.