Android Lollipop for LG G2 leaked

Well there is a good news for the owners of the 2013 LG flagship device, the G2! A new video has been posted where we see the G2 running Android 5.0 Lollipop. LG was one of the first manufacturers to roll out the latest version of Android to its devices starting with and currently limited to the LG G3. But as we can see from the video, LG is not forgetting its device from 2013 and the Android 5.0 update is in works.

The device in the video is the Korean variant of the G2 but it would make little sense for LG not to do the same for international variant.

Also notice that the UI in the video resembles the one on LG G3 which means G2 will also be getting the new UI along with Android 5.0 update.