Berger Express Painting – Faster, Cleaner and Better

Berger India Paints has been the second biggest chemicals company in India for the past decades specializing in decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals. The company has around 100 offices spread across the nation with 15,000 dealers network and around 50,000 contractors working for them. We were recently invited to an exclusive #BergerXP event to witness the latest innovations from the company in painting.


The IndiBlogger team welcomed everyone at the venue and made sure everything was ready for the event to start. The team even conducted few activities to lighten up the event. Followed by the activities, Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head – Express Painting, talked about the latest innovative products from Berger India aimed at “Faster, Cleaner and Better” painting experience.


Express Painting is the new process from Berger where automated tools in combination with skilled painters are being used to get a quicker and better looking finish compared to the conventional methods. The process of painting has always been a hectic one given the amount of labor involved and cleaning that needs to be done post the painting. With the new process, both the consumer and the contractor will be benefited since it involves less labor and also the is 40% faster than the manual process. This makes life easy for the consumer since he can put back things to normal quickly and also for the contractor who can take up other projects. Some of the benefits of Berger Express painting as per the company are listed below.

  • 40% faster painting
  • Trained painters with expert skills to take care of the process
  • Better finish due to the usage of tools
  • Dust-free house by using the cutting edge vacuum suction enabled sanding machines

We also got a chance to take a look at the tools used in the Berger Express painting.

  • Sanding Machine – This is the vacuum suction enabled tool which ensures dust-free process and makes the whole sanding process quicker. This in turn enables the contractor to start the painting process earlier.


  • Multi-Purpose mixer – This tool allows the painter to mix the emulsions quickly and uniformly. It has regulated speeds which can be used depending on the type of the mixture and amount used.

berger mixer

  • Auto Roller – This roller can be used to paint the walls or surfaces uniformly for a better finish. It has an adjustable roller based on the needs and also is capable of auto pumping the paint for continuous usage.

Berger Roller

  • High Pressure Washer – This is the tool to be used for outdoor surfaces that are being painted. The high pressure washer enables to wash the surface at high speeds which has a pressure regulator for adjusting the speed. The nozzle is also adjustable based on the area of the surface to be washed.

berger washer

  • Airless Paint Sprayer – This is again an outdoor tool used for spraying the paint on surfaces. The airless sprayer supports both water-based paints and primers. This tool enables quick application of the paint on surfaces and also gives a uniform finish.

Berger sprayer

Towards the end of this meetup, there were also couple of team activities for all the bloggers in attendance. Firstly, each team was asked to scrub a block of surface with sandpapers and make it feel as smooth as possible with a timer on. Once that was completed, each team was asked to paint images on a white canvas board related to themes like Go Green, Demonetization, Urbanization etc in line with the company’s community services. The Berger Paints team demonstrated the mixing of emulsions/stainers with base paint so that the teams were comfortable in handling them for the activity. Each team came up with fun pictures depicting their ideas and presented it to the audience one by one and finally a winner was selected based on the performance in the scrubbing activity and how well their idea was depicted using the paints and colors (I was part of the winning team.. Yay!). Overall it was a very fun filled evening with innovative products, socializing and some creativity.

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