BlackBerry lays off 200 employees

BlackBerry has laid off approximately 200 employees from it’s offices in both Waterloo, Ontario and Sunrise, Florida. Reports point out the employees were mainly from the teams of BlackBerry 10 and Devices departments.


Just a month ago, BlackBerry’s CEO asserted that BB 10 OS was “far from dead” even though all future smartphones from the company will be running Android OS. This meant that all existing devices with BB 10 would be supported by BlackBerry but the news of layoff from department of BB 10 suggests otherwise.

The layoffs seem to be part of BlackBerry’s strategical plan as it is still struggling in the smartphone market. According to a recent report, at $15 million in red, the company’s loss was 4.5 percent less than what analysts had predicted and another good sign in this hard time for BlackBerry is that Priv, the latest android running smartphone from the company is doing a bit well compared to the previously launched BlackBerry phones.