Bob Marley weed launched in USA

Marley Natural, a startup in New York has launched a line of marijuana weed strains in the name of late reggae icon – Bob Marley. The line of cannabis will be available in some dispensaries of California and later sold in four other states where marijuana is now legal.


The line of products launched today includes four different types of cannabis flower and oil – Marley Green, Red, Gold, and Black. Each of these strains are grown to give different effects in smokers. The weed costs $50 for 3.5 grams and the cannabis oil is $40 per 500mg. Both are available in few partner dispensaries and are all locally grown, free of pesticides.

“We’re not only natural in how we source our products and how they’re made; it’s important for us to demonstrate to people that the herb can be a natural part of life, which was the way Bob viewed it,” says Zack Hutson, Marley Natural spokesman. “So that’s what we’re hoping to do really with this brand — help people understand the herb the way Bob did.”

It is estimated that legal cannabis industry generated $5.4 billion in sales last year in US and is projected to reach $21 billion by 2020.