We have attended some the of Technology meetups or events in the past but recently we had a chance to be part of a meetup with some of the bloggers in town organized by DCMN. It was one of the insightful discussions with the team from DCMN India.


DCMN is a full-stack growth specialist that executes campaigns across all media with services spanning right from creation and production, media planning and buying. The company was launched in 2010 with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. DCMN is a global player with offices in India, USA, UK, South Africa and France. DCMN has more than 120 digital brands in its portfolio, including Indian brands CARS24, EaseMyTrip, Fynd etc. and is supported by over 130 marketing, tech and strategy experts operating across the globe.

Talking about DCMN’s campaigns, the company recently helped CARS24 launch their newest performance-driven and optimized TVC, which aims at educating customers on how to use the second-hand automotive marketplace to get the best rate for their vehicles. DCMN’s data-driven media campaign allowed tracking and optimisation based on the company’s in-house TV attribution technology, thus bridging the age-old gap between offline and online. The first flight of the campaign ran successfully for about six weeks after which DCMN delivered an in-depth optimisation and performance evaluation report, to analyze the TVC and work towards an optimised next flight. 

Key KPIs such as cost per visit, cost per call and Cost per booked appointment were tracked during the first flight and in the second flight, the media buying was optimised in line with these KPIs with a focus on channels, dayparts, weekdays and spot length. It has to be noted that CARS24 approached DCMN at the initial storyboard level to help with optimising their media strategy which helped the company to work end-to-end and make the campaign a big success. The TVC for CARS24 can be seen below.


Bindu Balakrishnan, Country Head – DCMN India said, ”With this campaign, the company has given CARS24’s new TV spot a performance focus. Using our in-house TV attribution technology, we can optimise the campaign from the moment it goes to air, allowing us to focus on the best-performing genres, channels, days, and dayparts for optimal performance.”

CARS24 has decided to almost double their media spend for the second flight given this is the festive season. DCMN has recommended a  optimised media strategy that included more business news channels, as well more Hindi news channels while further expanding the Hindi movies channel mix and focusing on the earlier dayparts. The newest TVC is airing currently with a strong presence across genres, including Infotainment, Hindi News, Hindi Movies, English movies and English business news.

Vikram Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder, CARS24, said, “Following a successful first flight with our previous TVC, we’ve optimised the campaign for even better performance. Our continued partnership with DCMN allows us to take advantage of their performance-driven approach, which ensures we can measure the direct response of the spot as it goes to air”.