Dr. Wiesner launches Smartwash in India

Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation, a 50 year veteran of the industrial automation industry has launched SmartWash, a range of automated bathroom closet seats for the B2C lifestyle consumer segment. The SmartWash is manufactured in India with German engineering which aims to redefine the hygiene, convenience and luxury benchmark in Indian bathrooms.


SMartWash is available in four variants to enhance the user’s day-to-day bathroom experience with features like automated water cleansing for both men and women, pulse and water massage and odor control. Some variants even have features like water temperature control, heated seating and child lock to prevent kids from using other functions of the seat. The SmartWash fits on most current bathroom pots and comes with easy instructions for a quick installation. The company has also announced that soon some of the on-ground channel partners will help with the installation for added convenience.

The team is looking to ramp up production capacity at its Dabaspet facility near Bangalore adhering to the “Make in India” campaign and they estimate the team strength to quadruple in the next two years. The company is also planning to step up their line up of lifestyle products by launching devices like air purifiers and nebulizers later this year.


Mr. HK Nagbhushan, Head of Operations and Director, India said, “We have been a pioneer in the industrial automation space for more than 50 years now. This education of creating world class manufacturing led us to the discovery of this product category. Our research shows that the Indian market is ripe for a smart bathroom. The growing urban elite are behind the tremendous demand for improving living standards as they have been exposed to global sensibilities. We estimate a demand of more than 50000 units in the first year alone.”

SmartWash is available in four variants ranging from ease, elate, sense and bliss. The product starts from INR 9,999 for the basic variant. Please visit SmartWash for purchasing the products or to know more about them. Below is a video promo of SmartWash.