Goodyear announces Concept Tyre and a contest for the fans

Welcome to the futuristic world!

Goodyear unveiled its latest concept tyre, Eagle- 360 for ultimate maneuverability, safety and connectivity for autonomous vehicles.

We are looking forward to witnessing a future where autonomous cars will hit the roads. This incredible design would showcase spherical shaped, 3-D printed tread-design tyre, that relies on magnetic levitation & presents an inspiring solution for autonomous driving in the future. The innovative thought process & the vision of Goodyear is clearly reflected through this futuristic tyre design.

The future looks even more exciting for the autonomous cars. Goodyears Eagle-360 has also been recognized by the prestigious Time magazine as ‘one of the best inventions in the world’ and the ‘only one in the tyre category’. This recognition itself gives us an insight into the brilliant technology and design by Goodyear.

This revolutionary innovation applied in the conceptualization of Eagle-360 has won more than one prestigious award in 2016, for all the right reasons. It also received the ‘Good Design’ prize in the Transportation category by Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

When we thought how the concept of autonomous cars will control speed, we found out that Goodyear Eagle-360 has technology with sensors which registers road conditions and adjusts the speed of the vehicle. On slippery roads, these tyres will reduce the speed automatically. In addition to this, road & weather conditions will be informed to other vehicles as well.

One of the many amazing facts that we found really fascinating about Goodyear Eagle-360 is its customized design based on location and driving habits. Are you as amazed as we are? This tyre will be connected to the car by magnetic levitation which suspends from the car by magnetic fields.

The tyres optimize and extend themselves to save the wear & tear process.  Even parking will not be a problem anymore when Goodyear Eagle-360 hits the roads. These tyres can move in all directions, hence convenient to park even in tight lots.

With the rest of the world, we are also looking forward to this futuristic technology of Eagle-360 by Goodyear.

Good year products are full of possibilities and so is their new ongoing contest. Just watch Goodyear Eagle-360 video to get more idea on Eagle 360.