#LoveScotch – Week 2

Hello folks.. We are back with the coverage of #LoveScotch event -Week 2 in Bengaluru. Just to remind the people who are new here, #LoveScotch is a celebration by USL Diageo for the Love of Scotch in Namma Bengaluru which spans over four weekends.


Week 2 celebrations of #LoveScotch started at “The Permit Room” which is located at Ashok Nagar near Garuda Mall, Bengaluru. The event was kicked off as soon as the celebrities for the night – the versatile singer/actor Anushka Manchanda and the famous mind reader Nakul Shenoy arrived at The Permit Room. There were photo sessions and brief interactions between the celebrities and the bloggers/media involving a lot of selfies too. Then they headed to the Bar where Anushka and Nakul tried their hands at making cocktails.

As last week, this was also a pub crawl and so we then headed to “Arbor Brewing Company” which is right next to “The Permit Room”.  There was a selfie station setup at Arbor Brewing Company where we all took a nice selfie before the photo sessions resumed again. Anushka and Nakul were asked about their love for the scotch and their favorite drink in scotch. Here’s what they had to say

“Scotch is the world’s favorite whisky and my love for it is timeless. My father’s favorite Scotch Whisky is Johnnie Walker Black Label and hence mine too! Whenever and wherever I globe trot I always bring him a bottle of his favorite Scotch Whisky and It’s almost like a ritual now. It is the first whisky I knew, and the one I enjoy sipping the most.” – Anushka Manchanda

“I enjoy and savor my glass of Vat69 Scotch Whisky. It embodies the spirit of being unique and doing things differently which resonates with me. Whether neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, there is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch whisky, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.” – Nakul Shenoy

Anushka surprised everyone by singing a song and brought excitement among the fans where as Nakul called couple of volunteers and performed one of his famous mind reading act by correctly guessing the cards picked by both volunteers. It was then the turn of Anushka and Nakul to create some signature cocktail drinks in the Bar. The event ended with some cocktails for the audience and final photo sessions/selfies before the celebrities made their way out.