Mi Max and MiUi V8 – A Sneak Peek

Xiaomi, the company that needs no introduction in the world of smartphones has announced their latest smartphone Mi Max in India. Mi Max will be the company’s first device to have a screen size more than 6 inches (6.44inch to be precise).

Mi Max

Mi Max slots between the Redmi Note 3, company’s best seller in India and the flagship device Mi5. The design of Mi Max is very similar to Mi5 with tapered edges and a curved body but with a metal finish flaunting a large 6.44 inch FHD screen covered by 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 whereas the internals of the device closely resemble that of Redmi Note 3. The device is powered by the efficient Snapdragon 650/652 processor along with 3GB/4GB RAM depending on the variant you choose. We had a brief hands-on with the Mi Max and the device looks very promising.

Mi Max


Mi Max runs on Xiaomi’s MiUi V7 with Android Marshmallow 6.0 as the base. The company also announced the latest MiUi V8 which would be available for all the Mi devices ever shipped. This means that MiUi V8 will be available even on the Mi smartphones launched five years ago. MiUi 8 update won’t necessarily mean that the old devices would also be getting the latest version of Android, rather those devices will only be getting the latest MiUi ROM update to enable more features.

MiUi V8

Xiaomi has incorporated a large number of new features in the latest MiUi 8 to enhance user experience and productivity. The list of additions is a big one and so we will be only talking about our favorite ones here.

  1. Video Editing: Users can now edit the videos captured by adding filters, background music and even trim them as needed. MiUi 8
  2. Scrolling screenshot: One of the really useful features which allows you to take screenshot to capture everything and then crop as needed.

3.   Quick Ball – The feature that replaces all the hardware buttons on your device. This is similar to the Assistive touch we                have on iOS which allows you to perform various actions.

4.   MiUi Calculator – The calculator app has been enhanced to not only handle the calculations but also various                                 conversions. These include currency, distance, temperature, mass etc. which would be handy in many situations.

miui 8

5.  Dual space/Apps – MiUi now allows users to be more organized by offering dual space and dual apps. With dual space,             the user can use multiple login in the same device and switch to a different context with different data and apps. Similarly           dual apps feature allows user to have two instances of the same apps in the same space, for example two facebook apps for           users to login to different accounts.

Miui 8

MiUi features a built-in caller id that gets the caller info through crowd sourced data and also allows you to flag any caller that you feel unnecessary. The public beta of MiUi 8 will be available starting 11th of July and stable release will be rolled out starting 16th of August.