OnePlus 3 tweak to improve the RAM usage

OnePlus 3 was announced couple of days back and was in the limelight because of the 6GB RAM it is using. All of use were so excited with the amount of RAM on OnePlus 3 as this means we could take advantage of it to load a number of apps and games without reloading them. But it came as a disappointment with some of the early test results showing poor memory management in OnePlus 3 that was not even comparable to a device with 4GB RAM.

OnePlus 3

Now we have tweak that has been posted in the XDA forum which will allow for better performance and memory management in the OnePlus 3. The fix needs some technical experience since it involves editing the Android configuration file (build.prop) which contains tons of other settings too. Locate your build.prop (/system/build.prop in your root folder), find the line that says ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20 and change the value at the end for a higher number like 36 or 42. Both values are said to have given similar performance.

OnePlus 3 RAM

The number of Apps that can be loaded after the tweak is significantly more as per the tests. The below image gives you an idea about the difference in memory management after tweak

OnePlus 3 RAM

The battery life and other things have not been tested after the tweak so we may have to wait before proceeding with this fix. The limitation with the original setting has been defended by the OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei who tweeted that the configuration was to provide a balance between performance and the battery life of the device to give “the best user experience”. He has also said that OnePlus has no issues if the developer community needs to fiddle with their devices.

If you are interested in seeing the performance improvement before tweaking your device, Ash from C4ETech has tested the fix successfully in his latest video on OnePlus 3.