Our Hexperience at Tata Hexa experience center

Our team received an invite for the Hexa Experience Center which for a change was not a Tech event or a device launch. It was the exclusive preview of all new Tata Hexa. Hexa is the latest SUV from Tata which incorporates design elements created across studios in UK, India and Italy.

Tata Hexa

The event was held at White Orchid inside Manyata Embassy Business park, where we could see huge ramps and different terrains set up for the off road experience in the Tata Hexa. There was a registration desk for the audience post which we could experience different stalls inside the hall. Then there it was, the centre of attraction, the Tata Hexa parked for audience to experience the seating comfort, interiors and other features. The car itself felt very strong and luxurious compared to previous cars from Tata. Everyone looked pretty excited and satisfied with the build and design of Hexa.

There were various stalls and spaces set up across the hall to keep the audience entertained and engaged. There was Tata housing stall that was set up for consumers to learn more about Tata housing projects and various options available. There was also Croma showcasing some electronic gadgets like the latest smartphones and tablets for people to get their hands on experience before buying. There was one interesting space where you could get the virtual tour of Tata Hexa and experience the features. It was a software simulation where you could virtually control the lights, music player, navigation etc. It also allowed you to have a full 360 degrees view of the vehicle from each row inside the car. It was pretty useful and cool stuff to learn about the features in Hexa.

There was also a space dedicated to the music lovers where different bands performed on all three days to keep the audience entertained. One of the main attractions was the children play area that drew many parents to get their kids to the HEC and spend some valuable time together and checkout the Hexa car at the same time. Another section was dedicated to the pet lovers where a voluntary group had arranged for Adoption drive. The audience could see the pets like cats and dogs and if interested were allowed to adopt as well which we felt was a very nice initiative by those volunteers and Tata group as well.

We then headed to the Off-road experience for which everyone was eagerly waiting. There was a token system due to high demand and we had to wait at least 40 mins before heading into the circuit. There was a professional driver from the Tata side who drove Hexa through the different terrains explaining various features and technologies incorporated in the vehicle. We were thrilled to see the power and the ease with which Hexa conquered all the off-road conditions. Things like Torque on demand, auto braking on inclined surfaces, enhanced traction control etc made Hexa a favorite for many people who attended the show.


You can take a look at the below videos to get an idea on the off road experience with Tata Hexa.


Then it was time for the test drive where the audience was allowed to drive Hexa around the Manyata Embassy Business Park campus along with a Tata employee who was explaining the features of each variant and also taking feedback from the potential customers.

Overall HEC was a very exciting event for everyone, be it the car enthusiasts, common people who wanted to just try the Hexa or the Kids who loved Play area and Pet adoption section. A big kudos to Tata for organizing such a wll planned event for the consumers and thanks to IndiBlogger team for the invite. Do check out the all new Hexa if you are planning for a new car or an upgrade over existing one.