Sony Huis – Meet the new universal remote

Sony has launched a new universal remote from it’s crowd-funding platform – “First Flight”. The device Sony Huis (pronounced as “House”) is a sleek device with an e-ink display which can be customized to fully control the home.

Sony Huis

The device has built-in Bluetooth which when enabled would allow the users to control various devices like TVs, air conditioners etc. Various remotes will be available for download through which those devices can be controlled. The device is powered by a 1,500mAh battery which is rated at one month with approximately 100 uses per day – thanks to the e-ink display.

Sony Huis

Sony Huis is already available for pre-order in Japan for around JPY 27,950 (around $250) that puts it on par with Logitech Harmony remote in cost.