Unlocking bootloader of an Xperia device

Here comes a good news to the owners of Xperia devices who want to unlock the bootloader. If you are not aware of what a bootloader is, then this might be a new learning.

Bootloader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system is running. In most of the devices, the manufacturers lock the bootloader which prevents the user from changing the Kernel or the ROM on the device. Unlocking bootloader opens a world of opportunities for the users to flash different kernels or ROMs and customize their devices as needed. But be aware that unlocking the bootloader will also void warranty of the device since the manufacturer does not support it. Also if you are unaware of what of the exact steps, you might brick the device – which makes it pretty unusable, just like a piece of brick.

Now Sony has gone ahead and posted a video showing you how to unlock the bootloader of the Xperia devices. The process involves a Windows PC along with your Xperia device.

Note: Even though Sony has posted this video, you will still lose warranty upon unlocking the bootloader.