BrewIt – a single-serve coffee brewer by Bonhomia

Bonhomia, the brand known for bringing the most premium, indulgent coffee experience to boardrooms and offices across the country has launched it’s latest limited edition coffee brewer – BrewIt. BrewIt will be an ultra-premium coffee brewer that combines classic brews with innovative technology to create beautifully flavourful coffees at the click of a button.


BrewIt is made of style and functionality with a design to occupy a minimal space on a counter or table top and a compact chassis concealing the premium machinery that Bonhomia is known for. The machine looks classy with its sophisticated charcoal-black matte finish and chrome-finished accents. A long lever is used for loading a capsule into position, and the reinforced chassis reduces vibrations to a satisfying hum as it dispenses your beverage. With its large-surface, LED-backlit buttons, the BrewIt’s eye-catching looks and futuristic design are sure to impress.

Bonhomia have refined the traditional espresso technology by making the best use of the principle of high-pressure extraction and combining it with a capsule containing the perfect amount of best coffee beans. With BrewIt anyone can master the preparation process of the perfect cup of coffee or tea with ease. Bonhomia has a choice of Coffee variants to satisfy every coffee lover and these include Organic Bliss (Intensity 4), Free Love (Intensity 5), Dark Deeds (Intensity 8), Black Veil (Intensity 9), Decaf (Intensity 5), as well as flavoured coffee capsules in Vanilla, Chocolate and Hazelnut.

BrewIt will be available exclusively online through Amazon and the BonhomiaWorld Shop priced at INR 14,995. The coffee capsules are available through Future Retail Foodhall, Nature’s Basket and others. Bonhomia capsules can also be ordered online through BonhomiaWorld and