Honeywell has been developing world-class cutting-edge, immersive technologies that improve quality of life for people around the globe — generating clean, healthy energy, and using it more efficiently; increasing our safety and security; enabling people to connect, communicate, and collaborate; and equipping our customers to be even more productive.

Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) started its global operations in Bengaluru in 1994. HTS is a front-end asset and differentiator supporting Honeywell’s localization and globalization strategies. In Bengaluru, we have more than 4,000 engineers and two state-of-the-art technology development centers. The company has recently set up a new campus here with an investment of $223M, to develop cutting-edge connected offerings to serve its local and global customers alike. We were fortunate enough to be invited for a visit to the HTS center in Bengaluru and were amazed by the technological advancements and the labs where the engineers developed all the software and hardware solutions.

Honeywell VP

Akshay Bellare, Vice President, and General Manager walked us through the various technological innovations happening from Bengaluru and some of them are listed below

HONEYWELL CONNECTED FREIGHT: HELPING REDUCE LOSSES AND WASTE – Honeywell’s Connected Freight technology monitors high-value and perishable goods in transit, helping prevent damage, loss, and theft. The solution consists of cost-effective sensor tags that sense a range of environmental conditions, such as temperature or vibration. Individual packages can be fitted with inexpensive, single-use sensor tags that measure temperature, shock, tilt, light, and humidity and transmit readings to a communications gateway.

Honeywell freight

HONEYWELL SMART-CITY TECHNOLOGIES: MAKING CITIES SMARTER, SAFER, AND PRODUCTIVE – Honeywell is already playing a defining role in the growth of India’s 100 Smart Cities. They are strategic partners with state governments and local authorities to implement Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled citywide security and surveillance systems, including the installation of 10,000 closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), emergency response solutions, automatic number plate reading system (ANPR), and intelligent traffic management technologies at work in 65 cities and towns across the country. The sensors capture data, analyze it, and turn it into information that enables better situational awareness for decision makers, aiding their smart city and surveillance goals. Honeywell has already enabled the smart city initiative and surveillance in Bhubaneswar, Aurangabad, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajkot.

Honeywell smart city

HONEYWELL CONNECTED PLANT: SHAPING THE FUTURE OF REFINERIES AND PLANTS – Honeywell Connected Plant combines unmatched industry expertise, software and cloud technologies to make customers’ operations more reliable, profitable and secure than ever before possible. Honeywell connects processes, assets, and people to continually redefine optimal performance. Honeywell Connected Plant encompasses the complete array of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)- infrastructure, including smart sensors and controllers, distributed control systems, cloud solutions for gathering and analyzing data, as well as predictive analytics and mobility.

  • Honeywell Trace is a powerful data collection software and change management system. Documenting data up to 300 times more frequently than other solutions and providing the most powerful search and analysis functions, Honeywell Trace™ helps reduce costs, increase reliability and boost performance.
  • Terminal Manager: Honeywell Terminal Manager software integrates with the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) platform and other offerings to provide a complete terminal automation solution. The software manages critical issues facing bulk liquid terminals such as complexity in handling multiple products and regulatory requirements while improving safety and productivity.

Honeywell terminal manager

HONEYWELL CONNECTED AIRCRAFT: MAKING TRAVEL SAFER, SMARTER, AND EFFICIENT – Connectivity is revolutionizing the aerospace industry and Honeywell has taken a lead in delivering a high-speed Wi-Fi era in the skies. Advanced technology solutions like voice assistants for pilots, augmented reality displays, and 3D printed components in cockpits is helping make air travel safer and more efficient for both pilots and passengers.

  • Honeywell SmartView: Unlike a conventional primary flight display that shows only the sky and land in 2-dimension separated by a line, Honeywell’s version of synthetic vision called SmartView shows a 3-dimension rendering of the world outside with terrain, runways, and obstacles. It’s a more intuitive and familiar way of displaying position information because pilots don’t have to cross-reference and interpret multiple 2D displays. SmartView, also guides pilots into the runway with helpful symbology.
  • A new 3D printed frontier: You might not be able to see the components made at Honeywell’s 3D printing lab on your next flight, but these aircraft parts are lighter than ever before. 3D printing improves aircraft reliability by streamlining the assembly process for complicated parts.

Honeywell aerospace

We were glad to be part of the visit to Honeywell Technology Solutions center which is one of the main innovation hubs for many of the emrging technologies across various domains in the Industrial sector.