Bosch Home and Car Washer series

Robert Bosch or famously known as Bosch is one of the world’s largest supplier of automotive components, industrial products and building products. The company recently announced their latest range of Home and car washer equipment that are powerful and yet energy efficient. We were lucky to be invited by Bosch for the demo of their latest products which was fun and exciting.


We reached the venue and were greeted with two cars and a motorcycle completely covered in dirt and we already knew this was going to be a fun event. The event was kicked off by the host who asked the audience to come forward and make the vehicles dirtier before the new products were showcased for which almost everyone from the audience volunteered. There was good music, food, beverages and the super fun activity of throwing dirt at the vehicles which made the whole event exciting.

Once the vehicles were deemed dirty enough, the latest lineup of Home and Car washer series from Bosch was unveiled – AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12 and the AQT 37-13. Then each of these products were used in cleaning the vehicles covered with dirt. We must say that the products did a pretty good job because the vehicles were as close to new ones within few minutes of the washing. Even the audience got to try their hands at the new equipment.


AQT 33-11

The most affordable and the most basic washer in the range is AQT 33-11 which is very compact and weighs around 4Kg. There is a 1300 W motor and a maximum pressure of 110 bar making it ideal for everyday cleaning tasks. The 330 litre per hour flow rate makes it easy to clean the dirt from bicycles, cars, windows and more. It comes with a Hose of length 3m and a handle at the back which makes it comfortable in carrying it around.

AQT 35-12


This is the mid-range offering from Bosch which can be used for cleaning cars with dried up dirt or if one needs to do a quick cleaning of the car. The equipment comes with a motor of 1500W power delivering a maximum pressure of 120 bar and a maximum flow rate of 350 litre per hour. AQT 35-12 has a 5m long cable as well as a 5m long hose, giving you 10m of space you can move around while cleaning. The handle is not a fixed one like the previous model and can be folded for easy storage. The package also includes a 3-in-1 nozzle for a convenient cleaning.

AQT 37-13


This is the top of the line product which comes with a motor power of 1700W, maximum pressure of 130 bar and water flowing at 370 litre per hour. AQT 37-13 is durable and has a rugged construction that makes it suitable for washing your vehicle,  domestic cleaning of gates, windows, floor and pathways, it also facilitates in cleaning variety of home appliances including air conditioners. The washer has a hose of length 6m and power cable of length 5m, a folding handle and the 3-in-1 nozzle for easy and powerful cleaning.

Apart from the standard nozzle and accessories, the customers can also go for stuff like the 90 degree nozzle that can be used for cleaning spaces where the regular nozzle cannot reach or might not be comfortable to use. There is a water brush that can be attached as the nozzle which sprays water and at the same time can be used to wipe the dirt. Lastly we have the foam nozzle which contains liquid soap that can be attached to the regular nozzle for cleaning the water with foam.

Overall we were pretty impressed with Car washing lineup from Bosch Power tools which are easy to store, energy efficient and also helps in saving water. So, if you are a person who loves long drives or rides, these washers are a must to help clean your vehicle anywhere anytime.